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Hélène Aubert-De Crousaz

I came into the world in the spring of 1948 in Lausanne, Switzerland, eagerly awaited by caring parents, who gave me a very rich upbringing in rhythm and music. At age five an early calling led me to declare that when I grew up I wanted to do like our eurhythmics teacher … and fifteen years later I graduated from the Jacques-Dalcroze Institute with a eurhythmics teaching certificate.

I married Jean-Marc Aubert (and lost the handle to my name). He was a chemist and, while he was working in Canada, for two years I was able to improve my professional skills by working for the university in Quebec City teaching the students eurhythmics as bodily music theory and folk dancing. On our return to Monthey, Switzerland, in parallel with the birth of our two children, I taught children with disabilities. Later I taught eurhythmics to kindergarten classes in the towns of Aigle, Bex, and Ollon.


Thanks to Jean-Marc’s marvelous involvement in my professional world, together we fulfilled a wide range of our artistic aspirations. In 1975 we created the Ensemble vocal du Chablais (Chablais vocal group). By creating the Sarabande group, from 1989 to 2009 we acted and danced the Renaissance repertory in court costumes. The increasing success of medieval festivals led us to create la Danserie. Next, our folk dance repertory enabled us to join the Trans en danse group and lead folk dancing. We also led the annual “Music and Art” week at Crêt-Bérard, Puidoux, for ten years. For twenty-four years I gave courses called Voyage dansant dans le préaux (A dancing journey in the playground) in continuing education in Vaud canton. And then two CD’s came into being (see below).


This was followed by a blessed time of retirement with three grandchildren to look after. In July of 2020 my husband and I celebrated our golden wedding anniversary at Crêt-Bérard together with forty guests, among whom was my 100-year-old mother. Six months later it was my great sorrow to lose my beloved companion of a lifetime. Jean-Marc never recovered from a heart attack incurred while cross-country skiing.


Mine has been a life lived in much light and relatively little shadow and it’s an honour for me to be invited to participate in the creation of the Re-Visionary Art Group.

Artistic approach

I describe myself as a teacher who loves to dance, play music, and sing. I always look forward to sharing these traditional arts in simplicity and with my personal creative touch.


How can one best nurture the soul of humankind so harassed and heckled by the pandemic and by the spectre of fear being raised at every turn, and where the ego predominates?


What I like about dance is that it brings a very global approach to human development (involving body, mind, and soul), humbly and respectfully shedding a different light depending on the period or the style:

Circle dancing is dance in community. The roundness of the circle protects from aggressions or temptations and allows for the experience of a true group soul.

In Figure dancing or counter dancing the social aspect is foremost and develops spatiality. The social self must be very present.

With Couple dancing individualism comes to the fore and the energies of yin and yang enable us to adapt to the other in a close face to face relationship.


I go into dance almost in the same spirit as I enter a church, for dancing develops a heightened sensitivity to others’ aptitudes and limitations, and so becomes a path of personal and spiritual development.


I was very fortunate in experiencing all these different energies with my dear husband for over a quarter of a century at innumerable dancing sessions and festivals, sharing in authenticity and in the joy of music and dance. My artistic approach consists of keeping this attitude alive, in simplicity and authenticity, and through the grace of music and dance.


Hélène Aubert- De Crousaz

1860 Aigle

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