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The Association

Philosophy and Mission

For simplification purposes, feminine pronouns are used in these texts to designate both men and women.


Art is the mirrored reflection of human development. It may also at times work in the opposite direction, itself influencing the human mind, and by extension the development of society. The goal of Re-Visionary Art is to give a new direction to society and sow seeds of a new humanity, wholesome for itself and for the planet, a humanity already foreseen in the way of life and thinking of those “new children” called high potential, hyperactive, indigo, and so forth.

Each artist is invited to create with modesty, not just for commercial considerations, but consciously in service of all life, with an intention that will leave its mark on the general perception of art in the collective unconscious, leading us towards concrete expression of our values in the tangible world.

A Re-Visionary artist draws inspiration from her perceptions, feelings, and intuitions in connection with spiritual and energy spheres and with nature. She is not using Re-Visionary Art to denounce the former world, but rather to announce the construction, in our minds and imaginations, of a new world taking form through art and spreading its vibrations to reenchant our daily lives. A Re-Visionary artist wants to use her art to make the world better, and therefore assumes full responsibility for what she produces. She is morally committed to keeping any rather therapeutic productions for herself, presenting to the general public only those works which conform to the following values: positivity, hope, light, spirituality, wisdom, enlightenment, the sacred feminine and masculine, ecology, tolerance, peace, ethics, etc.…

(see: Manifest)


In order to develop and extend this artistic renewal, the Collective has taken on the following mission:

·         To promote the philosophy and spiritual, ecological and ethical values of Re-Visionary Art;

·         To infuse all areas of society with the values held by Re-Visionary Art so as to work towards the raising of human consciousness and thereby contribute to global transition.


·         To found a network of worldwide interdisciplinary artistic connections, which would co-create this new society.

Benefits and services (see: Statutes

The Collective’s objectives are attained by offering:

   - a free online magazine
   - circulation of the work of its active members on the Internet
   - opportunities to come together for sharing in meetings, theme activities, and occasional       training sessions
   - promotion of the members’ works through exhibitions and other festivals and shows


Executive committee

Sarah Jaquerod.JPG

Sarah Jaquerod

Sarah, who has played music since childhood, currently works in pharmacy. It is particularly through her passion for aromatherapy that she has come to explore the world of subtle energies. She has chosen to offer training sessions to the Collective as a way of putting her values into practice.

Christiane Tabord Deillon.JPG

Christiane Tabord Deillon

Christiane is a stay-at-home mother, a geobiologist, and a painter. Art has been a vital thread throughout her life and the vehicle through which she gives concrete expression to her perception of the invisible world. She militates for luminous artworks that help bring new sources of connection and good vibrations into society. She also finds expression of her mission of transmission in helping people open to their surrounding energies.

Annick Bournoud.JPG

Annick Akarama

Annick has been an art therapist, and then an independent artist, a trade which she is passionate about and which allows her to combine her love for all human beings with the power of the artistic medium as a tool for transformation of consciousness. In addition to drawing and painting, Annick enjoys teaching, sharing her knowledge in public talks, leading workshops, and exchanging in various group activities. Her respect for all life and for nature leads her naturally to defend these causes in her art. As exploring spirituality plays a big role in her life, this subject is also seen in her paintings.


Positions open

To complete our team, we are looking for:

- two members for the committee

- steward for the cafes-encounter

- volunteer coordinator

- responsible for the communication

- responsible for the sponsoring

- camerawomen

We are also looking for volunteers for the Salon des Arts Ré-Visionnaires 2023.



Devenir Membre

You wish to become a member of the collective?

You wish to support us? Or you are an artist whose works vibrate with renewal and you would like to take advantage of the synergy of our group?

Come and join us. Simply choose your category of membership and then fill out and sign the registration form (this concerns Active and Butterfly members only) and send it to us by e-mail at the following address:

For further information, please read: :


Registration form

The collective’s affiliation document

Rules for legality of publication

Responsibility document




Any and all donations to support the Collective are helpful and gladly received.

Bank details: Banque alternative Suisse S. A., Rue du Port-Franc 11, 1003 Lausanne

IBAN CH98 0839 00 38 5442 1000 6

BIC (SWIFT-code) : ABSOCH22, QR-IID : 30123

Clearing bancaire/IID : 8390

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