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Ana Maria Vidal


Ever since earliest childhood, I’ve felt a great need to express myself. This need has led me to explore several different paths: music, dance, drama, journalism, and writing. Each of these paths was given space and time for growth and development.

My year on tour as a dancer led me to feel the need to use my voice …

Out of my years working as an actress grew the need to express myself in my own words…

Journalism led me to mastery of language and to a long career in television and radio in Spain, as well as to the publishing of several works.

Parallel to this, my need to understand human nature drove me to go deeper in therapeutic and accompanying disciplines. At the turn of the twenty-first century, I developed my abilities as a therapist, teacher, and coach. Life also invited me to change countries and to come and live in Switzerland.

In recent years, writing has caught up with me and is insistently claiming space in my life, this time in French.

It is therefore as a journalist and a writer that my artist’s soul vibrates in unison with the philosophy of the Re-Visionary Art Collective and I join them with joy.

My heartfelt wish is that the same inspiration that guides us might inspire the people who discover the diversity of our works.

Some Published books

lettre d'âmitié helvétia editions 2021.jpg

Lettre d'âmitié, 2021, Helvetia éditions

Friendly letters between kindred souls

At first there was a hand bound artist’s book and an exhibition in Lausanne presenting picture books with the artist, Anat Rosenwasser. Our friendship together with the process of co-creation inspired me to coin the word “âmitié” (translator’s note: âme means ‘soul’ and amitié – with no circumflex – means ‘friendship’.) And so followed the book entitled “Lettres d’Âmitié”, published by Editions Helvétia.

I believe deeply in the enlivening power of listening and dialogue and in the inspiration that comes from true sharing. They lift out minds and our vibratory level. May this book inspire you in turn!

To hear more: An interview in French

Image1 confidance.png

Confidences, Helvetia Editions, 2024

It might appear to be an impossible task to fit the memoirs of a person who seems to have lived several lives in one lifetime into a single book and yet “Confidences” does just that. As the reader is drawn along the author’s varied path as an actress, a journalist, a producer, a writer, therapist, trainer, and coach, there are four connecting threads that keep it all together: the abiding presence of friendship from childhood up to the present, the various languages encountered over the years and all that each language enabled her to experience, the books that have been important to her along the way, and finally the way in which other dimensions of life opened up and shifted her ideas of reality.

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Ana Maria Vidal

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