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Danielle Tonossi - Prem



When I was not yet twenty, I wanted to go to Fine Arts School, but my family wouldn’t allow it. I therefore decided to leave home and the uniform I wished for my wanderings was that of Swissair’s cabin crew. And I did it! I really enjoyed that profession which nourished so well my natural curiosity, fascinated as I was by all the many different cultural expressions of the inhabitants of Planet Earth. I got to know the other continents a bit through my numerous stays there.

Later on I was able to go back to the gift of creativity that had been waiting in my baby’s crib for me to open and let come alive in daily life.

Using intuitive writing, I was able to be a voice for the mineral, vegetable, and animal kingdoms. And so, over the years, I enjoyed writing books on the subjects of Reiki, Crystals, Bach Flower Remedies, Guided Meditations for a New Earth, and so on, all of which were published by Editions Recto-Verseau.

The steps I took towards personal blossoming involved several training sessions in the humanistic field, including Aura-Soma or learning about oneself through the language of colours, and over a period of many years I led workshops in Reiki, Tarot reading, Bach Flowers, Aura-Soma, and Women’s Circles.

Then came twenty-two years of living in western Canada, in the province of British Columbia, in the heart of silent and sparsely inhabited wilderness. Painting took up more and more space in my life and became essential to me. The intense encounters I had with the wild flora and fauna of the vast open spaces around me gave me so much inspiration! Today I am back in Valais, Switzerland, still full of the richness of those years in BC.

In my pretty studio on the sunny hillside of Veyras, near the town of Sierre where I was born, I share with others the various tools that evoke the creative Source of our being. With joy I offer workshops in intuitive painting on the subjects of the Sacred Feminine and Mother Earth. All are welcome!

Artistic approach

For me, painting is the soul’s breathing! My artist’s name is PREM, which means Love in Sanskrit. I was given this name during one of my numerous stays in India. It’s always a joy to sign my paintings with Love, for my deepest aspiration is to transmit this frequency in form and colour through my inner being.

When I paint and create, the piece arises intuitively from a vision in my soul. Another part of my artistic approach comes from a feminine movement in the United States that presents its art under the heading of “Intentional Creativity”. I like belonging to this ‘tribe’ that uses brushes and paint as tools of transformation. Each of my works is therefore an inner pilgrimage, with the Sacred Feminine and Mother Earth as my sources of inspiration.

Acrylic has always been one of my favourite mediums and I enjoy superimposing many layers of glaze, for these transparencies create a depth reflecting the human soul. On request I also paint Soul Portraits and Animal Spirit-Guide Portraits accompanied by a channelled message.

My life as a joyful senior is a colourful expression of Spirit incarnated in matter! It is an honour for me to be a member of the Re-Visionary Art Collective whose spiritual, ecological and ethical values correspond so well to the New World I aspire to!


Exhibitions in Switzerland

2022-2023 - Centre Cristal de Soleil, Muraz sur Sierre 

2022-2023 - Espace Améthyste, Sion 

2022 - Clinique genevoise, Montana-Crans 

2022 - Cave du Chevalier Bayard, Varone 

2021 - Mood Box, Martigny 

2021 - Galerie de la Treille, a collective exhibition, Sion 

2020 - Nouvelle Terre, Martigny 

2020 - Centre Coralliance, Morlon


Exhibitions in British Columbia, Canada

2017 - SPAC Spring Show in the Mary Winspear Centre, Sidney, BC

2017 - ArtSea Gallery, Sidney, Vancouver Island, BC

2017 - Island Blue, Sidney, Vancouver Island, BC

2016 – the Community Arts Centre of Tulista Park, Sidney, BC

2015 - Sacred Journey, Crawford Bay, BC 

2015 - Summer Display, Chamber of Commerce, Creston, BC 

2015 - Summer Display, Library, Creston, BC 

2015 - Art Market Fairy Treats, Kootenay Bay, BC 

2015 - Kootenay Bakery Co-op, Nelson, BC

2014 - Cowan, Nelson, BC 

2014 - Enso, Nelson, BC

2014 - Art Walk Eastshore - Sacred Journey, Gray Creek, BC

2013 - 2016 Mervin Robertson Art Gallery, Crawford Bay, BC 

2013 - 2016 Sacred Journey in Gray Creek and Crawford Bay, BC


2015 – 2023 :  Paintings in the Agenda (a daily planner) Lunaire Rêv'Elles

Cover of the book THE UNFOLDMENT by Elaine Pace and Denise Appelmans

Cover of the book SOINS D’AMOUR by Dr. Clare Munday


Re-Visionary symbol: I leave my work free of copyright so that it can be shared among people who wish to reproduce it in the spirit of the Collective, as long as they indicate me as author.

Copyright symbol: I am the copyright holder of my own works: my work cannot be reproduced, except by the Re-Visionary Art Collective, under the conditions as indicated above in point 1. Unless I give my written consent.


Danielle Tonossi

Route de Miège 10

3968 Veyras

 Tel +41 27 456 10 02


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