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Evelyne Fardel

Expression of the energies of Love as Light in Matter

My soul incarnated on this beautiful blue planet one October day in 1978. The artistic side of me lay dormant from the end of adolescence and didn’t emerge until 2009. It was motherhood that put me in touch with this forgotten part of myself. I began taking courses in intuitive painting with Rita Sauthier and oil painting was a real revelation.

It wasn’t until 2011, however, that a brutal change in my life led me to open up and let the artist in me create in complete freedom. My paintings evolved from self-art-therapy to revelations of my conscience. Alongside this I took training in various holistic therapies, became a Feng Shui consultant, and learned about geobiology. I developed a passion for high energy places, particularly in Celtic lands such as Brittany, Scotland, and Ireland. As my insightful awareness continued to progress, I became an energizer. Shamanism and mediumnicity greatly interested me as well. Working to produce soul paintings provided an occasion to make intense connections with the energies of higher planes of consciousness that came down through me to the canvas-matter in order to seed the morphogenetic fields of Earth.

After I moved to Port-Valais (translator’s note: a town by Lake Leman) in 2018, the energy of water encouraged me to experiment in watercolour and interplay of textures related to the plant kingdom.

Since 2021, what has been coming out strongly in my art is Sacred Geometry. These days I offer workshops in creating the Flower of Life and in understanding symbolisms by tracing and immersing oneself in the hues of watercolour.

Artistic approach

My artistic approach is exclusively dedicated to bringing the Energies of Light Love to this plane in order to contribute to the creation of the New World by raising consciousness and vibrational frequencies.

For the intuitive painting, I first loosen up my whole body through dance, yoga postures, and some intuitive movements, to music that does me good. I align and purify myself on the level of my energy structure, making myself supple and receptive. Connecting intensively to myself accentuates the rise in vibrations. My Light channel and my insight are thereby at the service of the higher planes of consciousness; my body becomes the medium and the canvas, the receptacle.

For the Sacred Geometry, my left brain is put to use in order to create accurate drawings. A small offset at the beginning of a line leads to a really distorted shape at the end, as everything that moves out from the centre expands. The more yin and intuitive part of me then takes over for the adding of colour with the softness of watercolour paint. The process is therefore truly an active mediation with inspirational music in the background.

My entire soul takes joy in participating in the evolution of consciousness and in the anchoring of Light in the heart of matter.


2022 : One Soul Exhibition, four friends gather to display their art, Manufacture des

           Alpes, Montreux.

2021 : Collective exhibition 100% LOVE at l’Incubateur Atelier Galerie in Bulle.

2020 : Individual exhibition entitled “What a great day to be alive !”, elected to participate in

           Port-Valais’ Cultural Year

 2019 : Collective Exhibition of the Artists and Craftspeople of Port-Valais

2017 : An individual exhibition called “The Way of the Sacred heart” for the opening of the

           Opalune Centre for Holistic Therapies in Grimisuat,          

2016 : “Earth and Light” exhibition together with the potter, Claire-Lise Buttet, in the

             Cultural Centre of Arbaz, Valais

2013: “Expression of soul in matter” exhibition, with presentation and signing of the

          channelled book by Fabienne Beney Ghendila, « Eveil aux energies Christiques »

       (awakening to the Christ energies) and its cover painting, at Sonvillaz, St-Léonard, Valais


2017-2019-2021 : Agenda Rêv’elles (a daily planner)

2013 : Cover for the book “Eveil de la Conscience Christique” (awakening to Christ consciousness) channelled by Fabienne Beney Shendila of the Opalune Centre

2013 : Cover for the book ”Parfois l’Ange se tait” (sometimes the angel remains silent) by Véronique Morinière.


Symbole Ré-Visionnaire:  Je laisse mes œuvres libres de droit afin qu’elles puissent être partagées entre personnes qui souhaiteraient les reproduire dans l’esprit du Collectif, dans la mesure où ils m’indiquent bien comme auteur. 
Symbole Copyright:  Je suis détenteur du copyright de mes propres œuvres : mon travail ne peut pas être reproduit, hormis par le Collectif d’Art Ré-Visionnaire, dans les conditions telles qu’indiquées ci-dessus au point 1. Sauf accord écrit de ma part.


Fardel Evelyne – Fé

Atelier Etre Soi





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