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Floriane Heger - Flow Yin


Born in Alsace, between the Vosges and the Black Forest, I grew up in the country, surrounded by orchards bursting with fruit in summer, easily flooded plains in winter, mountains in the distance, gardens, rivers … and so have always been enchanted by nature and its seasons. Ever since childhood I have enjoyed singing, painting, creating, making up stories, and immersing myself in the world of my imagination. I’d build my own reassuring universe that protected me from the suffering around me.

As I grew older, I naturally turned to studying literature, for books fascinated me and my favourite subjects were creativity, drama, music, and art. I was curious and wanted to learn all about the world and its various cultures…  I went on to study fashion and fabric design, as it was my secret dream to become a fashion designer. It was my mother, a dressmaker, who had passed on to me her taste for clothes and costumes.

At age twenty I travelled to Quebec, where meeting up with indigenous cultures for the first time was a moment of awakening for me. I felt close to their philosophy and their spirituality was a great revelation.

Once home again in Alsace, I reconnected with my own indigenous roots. I explored the shamanic path and in that same period became a mother. Joining up with various women’s movements, free spirits, and groups of artists also nourished my personal and artistic development. More recently, I have also gone back to my Christian roots. Today I feel I’m building bridges between all the different parts of me that want to come alive and shine. I’m making all my great dreams come true.

Artistic approach

I let myself be guided by my inner child who needs to express herself and offer humanity her whole rainbow palette. I sing, draw, write, design costumes and shows, organise events and sacred circles and festivals …all with the purpose of providing odes to Beauty, honouring Life, and inspiring people to unite their inner feminine and masculine aspects. My mantra is, “I am at my peak when I do what I love.”

Musical project

Flow Yin is a hymn to Beauty, to Love, and to the Sacred. It is a musical project spearheaded by Floriane Heger, a young Alsatian artist, singer, composer, and performer; a project where guitar and voice come together to offer melodious odes to the Divine in ourselves so as to open the audience’s hearts and awareness. Sweetness, sensuality, lyricism, poetry, and the scent of Roses are all guaranteed.

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Floriane Heger


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