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Florian Moll


I have two lives, one where I work with my hands and eyes in a more down-to-earth fashion as a self-employed auto body painter.

And in parallel with this :

I have noticed over time that in my field of vision I could “see things happening.” While observing a person, I could know things about him without asking. Because I wondered about this ability, I sought answers with the help of a medium in a two-year course. Connecting with deceased persons and all they had to impart to me, however, made me sad. I therefore maintained this ability to open up the senses, but went on to use it in another way.

I was initiated into an aspect of energy treatment that I apply to humans (alive or not), animals, living quarters, and places in the outdoors. What is important for me is that people realize healing power is already in them. My role is only to guide them on the path that enables them to do so.

Later on I lived at over 2000 metres altitude in the mountains, as a fishing guide. It was there that a shaman introduced me to the presence of the spirits of nature. I met them and that’s when everything began. Over a period of four or five years, the spirits guided me to find man-made objects that were disturbing Nature. I was appointed as the “visible guardian of the place”, in other words, the caretaker! Since then my relationship with the spirits has grown stronger and I work daily with them in my artistic creations and my involvement with people. I give public talks as well as group and family workshops for discovering the beings of the wild so that people may become more aware of everything we can do to improve our daily experience and feel good about ourselves.

Artistic approach

My first meeting with Stone went like this: I see a green stone beside the water. I feel so attracted to it! I kneel down. Now I see a dragon’s egg, damaged by the years. I touch it and then, with the dragon’s agreement, I feel a desire to take care of this egg and give it all the Love I can. By my work I restore its brilliance and colours so that it can pass on its power to someone who will benefit from it and thereby develop a special relationship with the stone egg.

As I walk in the great outdoors looking for stones, driftwood, or branches, according to the particular situation, I connect with the elemental beings or with guides or spirits of that place. One of them, in agreement between us, enters me. I am in him; I see through his eyes and feel with his body. He guides me to objects for me to collect. In return, he asks me to pick up litter that hikers have left on the ground. If I don’t keep my part of the bargain, I don’t find any objects of quality. As a way of showing gratitude at the end of my search, I always make an offering of dried fruit or other goodies as a sign of the Love that comes from my deeper Self.

When I’m shaping the work, a multitude of spirits of Nature surrounds me: druids, dwarves, or dragons, for example. Sometimes I’m so connected to them that I have an experience of coming out of matter and entering the Great All. The spirits guide me and help me find the way to create that is most in harmony with the person I’m making the work for and with the energetic use to which it will be put. Even when the work has a fine esthetic side, the most important aspect for me is still how it will be used for health care and for energetic harmonisation. It can take several months to finish a work. All the parts meant to be included in it must be patiently gathered together, like pieces of a puzzle, before it can be completed.


Re-Visionary symbol: I leave my work free of copyright so that it can be shared among people who wish to reproduce it in the spirit of the Collective, as long as they indicate me as author.

Copyright symbol: I am the copyright holder of my own works: my work cannot be reproduced, except by the Re-Visionary Art Collective, under the conditions as indicated above in point 1. Unless I give my written consent.


Florian Moll

1897 Les Evouettes

079 644 33 18


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