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Gaëlle Odeya


I was born in Occitan land with a bohemian heart.

As a child I used to draw, sing and write stories that connected me with the world. There wasn’t a culture that didn’t enchant me and I knew that later on I would become a traveller.

I held onto my childhood dream and at age twenty-one it came true, when I had my first experiences of foreign countries and went on my first major journeys.

Travelling in Asia and Oceania led me to expand my awareness and extend my branches toward heaven. However, just as a tree needs to be firmly rooted in order to spread out in a wholesome way, during one of my trips to South America I learned to put down roots and it was there that I reconnected with my creative artist’s heart.

With a guitar as my new companion, I was guided by the synchronicities to the Putumayo jungle, at the gateway to the Colombian Amazon, where I learned medicine songs. Very quickly I realized that with only a few chords I could create a multitude of different melodies. Gradually as I experimented with this new means of expression, words joined with the melodies and my first compositions were born.

I like to honour Life by embellishing these songs with short video clips and with pictures of the Pachamama and also of my brothers and sisters.

It was in Switzerland, in 2017, that I once again found the pleasure of story writing. Remembering that when I wrote as a child, I used simply to let the pen go where it wanted on the paper, I tried that technique anew and let a sentence fall as it would on the page. Then I let other ones come and little by little as I wrote, a story took form, giving me in the end a lesson and guidance. Several stories came into being in this way. I use a similar process for composing songs and as I go along the medicine and the essence of the song become clear as the words appear.

I express my love for the Earth and the Divine not only in melodies and stories, but also through meditative travels, free and intuitive songs, and photography. I have a passion as well for songs and dances from around the world.

Artistic approach

“The Awakening of the Stars”

A still small voice from an unknown source was knocking at the door of my mind these last few years. Even though I didn’t understand what it meant, I felt that somehow someday it would make sense to me, and so I welcomed these visions, feelings, and other information that came to me, all of which flowed around the famed and enigmatic phrase, “the awakening of the stars”.

I finally became aware a while ago that my path in recent years had led me to dive into my depths in order to discover my star, embrace it fully, and learn to let it shine.

The mystery of the awakening of the stars was finally becoming clear. The medicine of the star taught me that it is by first liberating our own essence that we become able to invite others to do the same. The world is more beautiful when each star is in its right place and dares to shine in its own unique way.

In 2021, in parallel to this new awareness, I realized that two themes often found in my stories and songs were those of the sun heart and of unfolding of essence. I sensed there was a logical sequence in these creations and quite naturally I tied them together and thus my first stage show was born. It was obvious that the title should be “The Awakening of the Stars”.

In that same period a second show came into being, one whose components were other stories and songs of mine and their teachings. It is a production with the scents of roses, cardamom, and tiara flowers and the sounds of the Middle East and of the Amazonian jungle; an initiation journey on the roads of the world.

The adventure of the Awakening of the Stars is ready to spread its colours and my bohemian heart whispers to me that this show will most certainly be a nomadic one. 

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