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Guido Ferrari


My interests have always been centred on man, on his inner quest, on his artistic expression, and on his relationships with others.

After graduating in economics and social sciences, I went on to study psychoanalysis, Buddhism, and Shamanism. I have been fortunate in being able to deepen my knowledge in these areas by producing documentaries, portraits, and interviews for Swiss television, for which I met with important personalities and travelled widely. I have interviewed the Dalai Lama, Claude Levi-Strauss, Eugene Ionesco, Carl Popper, and others, addressing various historical and spiritual subjects, such as death, reincarnation, and out-of-body experiences.

At the Salon des Arts Ré-Visionnaires I’ll be presenting two video films, “Transformer soi-même” (Transforming Oneself) and “Bouddhisme et bonheur” (Buddhism and Happiness), which I produced together with Matthieu Ricard on the theme of Buddhism, as well as my spiritual biography, “Un long voyage: Une autobiographie spirituelle”, which has been published in French, English, and Italian.

Artistic approach

In my works, I have sought to ask questions, clarify what has been said by cultural traditions and researchers, offer a few answers, and raise questions in the viewer or reader, all on the subjects of the meaning of life and the search for happiness. Following this purpose has very much enhanced my life and led me to go over former inner paths again and to learn more about modern science and its connections with spirituality. The important thing is to live consciously in the present with one’s heart wide open.

Published books


"Un long voyage. Une autobiographie spirituelle" Mama éditions, 2022

Un parcours de vie riche d’explorations et de rencontres avec certains des plus grands maîtres spirituels. 

Le journaliste et documentariste Guido Ferrari raconte comment lui a été révélé « le grand secret » qui sommeille en chacun de nous : nous abritons une harmonie indestructible, pleine de joie et de beauté.

Riche de ce « voyage à la source », l’auteur revisite les moments clés de sa vie spirituelle, laisse émerger les souvenirs, les rêves et les visions, partageant une gamme d’expériences étonnamment diverses : états de conscience modifiée, réalités multidimensionnelles, méditation avec de grands lamas, exploration de la psychanalyse, du bouddhisme, du chamanisme et de l’ufologie.

Au cours d’une carrière qui ne ressemble à nulle autre, Ferrari rencontre de grandes personnalités qui vont nourrir sa démarche, parmi lesquelles le Dalaï-Lama, Erich Fromm, Eugène Ionesco, Karl Popper, Simon Wiesenthal, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoché, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross ou Matthieu Ricard.

Cet ouvrage, où l’intime rejoint l’universel, éclairera les hommes et les femmes de toute orientation spirituelle.

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