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Jacqueline Gandubert


Jacqueline Gandubert, nee Friedli, was born in Fribourg, Switzerland. Her years of art school led her to acquire a very sure technique in several areas: drawing, oil painting and watercolour. Her years in Paris (1971 – 1974) brought her in contact with the works of the great masters. Finally watercolour became her favoured area and she masters its subtle alchemy beautifully.

Jacqueline Gandubert’s landscapes amaze us with their lovely vibrating presence. A house in Provence delights us by its subtle colours. Elsewhere, trees in simplified shapes testify to the care she takes in going to the essentials.

Some of her paintings seem tempted to take the leap into abstraction and come very close to having no subject. Yet, as if to tell us that nature remains an unchanging sovereign, gradually a subject reappears.

Jacques Biolley



In 2002 she obtained the Médaille d’Or (gold medal) at the International Salon of Créateurs du Siècle (Creators of the Century) of Art-Inter in Dijon, France, in the watercolour section.

She has exhibited her work in Paris, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, …..

“Jacqueline brings us back to the essential and to the essence of heaven. By the grace of beauty we are freed from gravity,” says Jacques de Coulon in an extract from his presentation of her work at the Galérie l’Eclaircie in 2008.


“Some of her works strongly invite us to tip over into silence and wonderment. We need only to stop and take time. We just need to say yes and to follow step by step this artist whom I would call a ferryman to dreams,” writes Jacques Biolley in an extract from his presentation of her art at the Passage Expo in the Canton Hospital in 2006.


For the last dozen or so years she has been engaged in intuitive, inspired oil painting, using a method she learned from Patricia Carron and which has enabled her to effect a significant transformation.


Today she takes great pleasure in passing on this pictorial approach to small groups of people that she accompanies on the path of inner discovery towards finding their creative potential.

Artistic approach

  As a watercolourist, as Balthus also said so well, “I seek beauty, which for me is essence, the full light of the true and the image of the good.”

I seek balance:

  • through the geometry that governs all things and structures the universe (divine proportion, the golden number, the rules of art),

  • through the harmony and rhythm of colours, of forms and formlessness, of empty and full spaces.


(Perhaps more than anything else) I seek light.


These three elements – beauty, balance, and light – when brought together in a painting should give emotion, deep joy, well-being, and serenity to anyone who looks at it. I believe, too, in the therapeutic virtues of painting thanks to the energy of love that it gives off.


Therefore I do not particularly seek for originality…


I am particularly fond of landscape painting. Whether the landscapes are real or from my inner world, imaginary or dreamlike, I find here infinite possibilities that entirely satisfy my personal quest.


In each painting, in addition to the three elements mentioned above, I try to add a particular atmosphere or vibration that gives further emotion. I will never tire of painting! I aim however to refine and purify my painting more and more, working towards that which is essential, the absolute that joins the ALL.


Inspired oil painting is a path towards oneself that offers enormous pictorial possibilities. It is a way of painting that helps awaken Being, awaken a new planetary consciousness. Energy given off by paintings done in this manner touches the heart and speaks to the soul of the viewer. A place can be transformed and can lead to the spiritual healing of those who dwell there.


2022 Re-Visionary Art Collective Salon, Aigle

2020 - Galerie O'Local, Estavayer-le-Lac

2019 – Visionary Art  of Moscow, St-Petersburg

2018 - Vide Poche, Marsens

2017 - MAG in Montreux, invited to participate in the

2017 theme of Visionary Art

           Place suisse des Arts in Lausanne - collective

2016 - WHO’S WHO international Art club, Galerie Etienne de Causans, rue de Seine Paris

            Atelier 25 – Pérolles 25, Fribourg

2015 - Collective exhibition with her pupils  at La Galerie Le Puits des Arts, Missy/VD

2014 - Espace-Expo, Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg

            St-Germain des Peintres, Savièse

            Auction sale, Drouot cotation,  Paris

2013 - Au Rural de Givisiez "Forme de rêve" - collective

2013 - Place suisse des Arts à Lausanne - collective

2013 - Galerie Oshoun - Fribourg - collective

2013 - Galerie Arcane, Corcelles / NE collective  

2012 - Galerie Völlmy, Mézières

2011 -  Au Rural de Givisiez  - Collective A comme Aquarelle

2010 – Institut Agricole de Grangeneuve

            Galerie Oshoun à Fribourg

2009 – Galerie du château, St-Aubin /FR

2008 -  Galerie l’Eclaircie / FR

Galerie du Jorat – Mézières /VD

            Galerie du Moulin de la Tourelle – Valangin /NE

2007 – Institut Agricole de Grangeneuve

2006 – Maison de Ville, Fribourg

            Espace-Expo, Hôpital Cantonal de Fribourg

            Hostellerie des Chevaliers – Gruyères

2005 – Galerie MC Arts et Fleurs – Fribourg

2003 – Artcade RG – Genève

            Galerie Ollier – Fribourg

2001 – Musée communal d’Estavayer-le-Lac /FR

            Galerie MC Art  et Fleurs – Fribourg

2000 – Galerie du HMS Villars-sur-Glâne

1999 – ECM Fribourg

1998 – Galerie de la Source,  Lausanne

            Villa Mégroz – Lutry /VD

            Galerie Antika – Charmey /FR

1997 – Télécom Gallery - Fribourg  

            Galerie l’Arbre Vert – Paris

            Galerie les Yeux Noirs – Romont

1995 – Galerie les Yeux Noirs – Romont

            Galerie La Marquise – Fribourg

1.     Galerie Antika – Charmey /FR

1992 – Galerie du HMS – Villars-sur-Glâne

            Galerie des Augustins – Genève

1991 – Galerie La Spirale – Vevey/VD

1989 – Galerie La Margelle – Fribourg

1987 - Galerie La Margelle – Fribourg

1986 – Galerie du Midi - Fribourg


Re-Visionary symbol: I leave my work free of copyright so that it can be shared among people who wish to reproduce it in the spirit of the Collective, as long as they indicate me as author.

Copyright symbol: I am the copyright holder of my own works: my work cannot be reproduced, except by the Re-Visionary Art Collective, under the conditions as indicated above in point 1. Unless I give my written consent.


Jacqueline Gandubert


026 402 22 59

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