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Marie Azzalini Hiroz


I was born and still live in Châble, in the Bagnes valley of Valais Canton. Although I was never able to attend an art school, I have become an artist through the many opportunities for learning and development that life has brought me.

In 2002 I opened my workshop, called Terre Colorée (coloured earth or coloured land), in Châble, and it is here that I teach drawing and painting to children and adults. I held my first exhibition in 2003 at Plan-Cerisier’s Musée Mazot. I have been a member of the Bagn’Art association for several years.

Following a powerful inner transformation, my inspiration now comes from the spiritual world. Through my seeking of harmony between matter, volume, and movement, my creations tend towards a universal language and are either thought-provoking or conducive to well-being. Symbolic elements sometimes appear in them. As Kandinsky said, “Art is spiritual.”

The impressionists, the surrealists, Hans Erni, Kandinsky, Klee, Hilma Af Klint, and Zao Wu Ki are among the artists I admire.

Artistic approach

My works are born in the silence of my heart. Gently they emerge while the pigments are being ground. I don’t know where they’re going to take me; it’s a new adventure every time. I let their music guide me. By large gestures, the first colours take their places on the canvas. I stand before them listening to their message …meditation. Suddenly everything becomes clear and I know where I’m going.

The second creative step occurs during meditation as I receive a vision of the painting. I sketch the picture and then begin its execution.

I have undertaken research on sacred geometry, on the Golden Number, and on harmonic proportions. The dimensions of most of my paintings are according to the Golden Number.

I make my own colours and I let my prevailing urges guide me as to the insertion of various natural materials. Later on I took courses from an art restorer, Mrs. Gisèle Carron, in order to learn the old techniques and to refine the preparation of my oils.


2003 Musée Mazot de Plan-Cerisier

2007, 2013, 2016, 2017,2021 Musée de Bagnes, a collective exhibition of Bagn’Art

2011, 2017 MAG Montreux Art Gallery

2012 Place des Arts Suisse, Lausanne, collective exhibition

2012, 2015 Galerie En Beauregard, Montreux

2014 Vidondée, collective exhibition of Bagn’Art

2015 Exhibition together with Nicole Coudray, Galerie de La Treille, Sion

2016 First Art Biennal, Cannes, France, and Caslte Hubertendorf with PACKS Gallery, Austria

2016 Galerie Club Des Artistes, Paris

2016, 2017, 2018 Artbox Project Art Spectrum Miami, Art Basel, New-York

2018 Galerie IC Home, Verbier

2020 Galerie Cien¬Zen, Geneva

2021 Festival of Sacred Art, Compiègne, France

2022 Collective exhibition in the Farinet Lounge-Bar Hôtel, Verbier

2022 Galerie Espace 4, La Sorbonne, Paris


Re-Visionary symbol: I leave my work free of copyright so that it can be shared among people who wish to reproduce it in the spirit of the Collective, as long as they indicate me as author.

Copyright symbol: I am the copyright holder of my own works: my work cannot be reproduced, except by the Re-Visionary Art Collective, under the conditions as indicated above in point 1. Unless I give my written consent.


Marie Azzalini Hiroz

1934 Le Châble

Tél. +41 79 858 41 55

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