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Marie-Rachel Sudan


I am Marie-Rachel Sudan, I’m thirty-seven years old and I live in Fribourg, Switzerland. Already as a child I had a lively imagination, being indwelled by a need to escape and create, and so composed songs, poems, and stories as soon as I woke up each day. Music and concerts have been all around me ever since I was very small. I took piano lessons from age six to ten; from age ten to sixteen I played the clarinet and was part of a brass band, the Landwehr de Fribourg. From age sixteen on, my enthusiasm for singing grew stronger and stronger. I took singing lessons at age twenty-one and three years later began leading Taizé songs and did that for two years. In 2009 I began composing in an amateur way. One of my compositions, entitled “Believe in Angels”, was sung during an evening of Taizé songs. From 2015 to 2018 I directed the singing for masses and funeral services and, under Georges Savoy, studied the basics of leading the congregation. During that same period, I took a year and half of courses in vocal delivery under Amélie Daniel, a Swiss artist. In 2016 I became the leader of a children’s choir called “La chorale arc-en-ciel” (the rainbow choir).

I have always been drawn to spirituality and sacredness. Already as a child I felt connected to the Great All and to awareness of Infinite Love, which I call God. I have been doing sacred dance with Gladys Monnier Baechler since 2018. I have also taken part in several workshops training me to connect with the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine. Since October 2022 I’ve been leading The Gentle Art of Blessing circles, which are groups of women whose aim is to contribute to the healing of the Feminine Sacred and to the spreading of Oneness of Being. In these sessions there are two core intentions around which I give a guided meditation and then lead a time of intuitive dance and a circle of song. For the circle of song we use an original composition of mine, related to the core intentions of that particular session.


I'm currently in the process of changing careers, training in self-compassion and loving-kindness meditation, and I'm planning to launch my own professional healing songs. I've been offering this service since May 2022, for people who feel called through these treatments to use Christ energy to relieve physical or mental pain.

Artistic Approach

As an amateur composer, my inspiration comes spontaneously and the process is often the same from one time to the next. I create my songs in the spur of the moment and the lyrics and melody almost always come to me in the heat of that present moment. I experience a sort of dialogue between my soul and my human consciousness. My creations aim to serve such noble values as the Sacred Feminine, Unconditional Love, Compassion, Goodwill, and the Development of one’s Being. For me it is important that I leave a positive footprint on Mother Earth and lay a foundation stone that contributes to the building of a more just and more human world, a world full of compassion and loving-kindness. This is the light in which I create and compose.


Marie-Rachel Sudan


+41 79 730 86 70

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