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Mélanie Berger


Ever since childhood I have been in love with animals and nature, and spent most of my time outdoors. It was therefore quite natural for me to study biology and specialize in ethology. Parallel to that, early in life I became interested in personal development, starting with sophrology at age twelve and going on in adolescent years to experiment in a broad sense in alternative medicines and esoterics. Indeed, as I was hypersensitive and HP, I had a hard time finding my place in society and so hoped that the alternative sciences would bring me answers. There has also always been a strong call in me to support others in work with alternative medicine. This is why, after obtaining my Master’s degree, I took training in animal osteopathy and later in animal communication, whereby I realized I had in fact never stopped dialoguing with animals. Next I took training in various methods (kinesiology, massage, energy care) enabling me to accompany humans, whose pets are often go-betweens, as well. It was training in auratherapy that enabled me fully to open my extra-sensorial perceptions. After that came training in geobiology, in order to further develop my intuitive skills.

 Following a path of initiation in the druidic way was the turning point that allowed me to embrace my radiance and mediumistic abilities more completely. During this initiation some near death experiences I’d had during early childhood were also brought back to me, which explains my natural connection to invisible realms and my role as a messenger of inter-relatedness between different worlds in view of harmonious cohabitation. In addition, it is through geobiology and druidism that I learned to create sacred objects in answer to individual needs, such as protection of places and people, healing, and ritual artefacts.

Artistic approach

Writing has been my favourite means of expression ever since childhood. Around the age of ten, I taught myself to write by making up stories and writing poems. Poetry was also the rhythm of my teenage years, for that is when I started sharing what I’d written via virtual domes or the school newspaper. The positive feedback I received encouraged me to continue in this direction.

In the beginning I wrote spontaneously, almost compulsively, just wanting to put words on things I experienced or observed. Gradually, as I re-opened the door to intuition and mediumship, my writing became more and more inspired, moving towards writing in guidance. I like to say that I lend my pen to those beings that cannot otherwise have their voices heard, to any guides, but especially to animals. I am a messenger for inter-relatedness, making a junction between perceptible and imperceptible worlds in order to bring light and harmony. Some of the messages received have been related to symbols enabling work on oneself. As I had no knowledge of drawing and it was impossible to ask someone else to illustrate these symbols, I used inspired painting to give them material form. This is how my first deck of oracle cards, accompanied by a book written in guidance, came to be created and then published by a Swiss editor. Other inspired writings, as well as a life story, followed and are currently being published. Recently I trained as a storyteller and have now started writing my own stories to be shared with listening ears.

Being of a creative nature since childhood, I enjoy letting the energies I perceive and various inspirations carry me along to create personalized items in accordance with individual needs and the energies of the moment, always related to my inner guidance. And so it is that I have made herbal teas, pendants, and ritual or protective artefacts with the aim of accompanying everyone on their individual path.

A published book and oracle

LivreA5_Berger_Print frontsite.jpg

Messages des étoiles (Messages from the Stars)
Pour l’expansion de conscience planétaire (For the Expansion of Planetary Consciousness)


As an energy therapist, I am used to working with various light guides. While giving treatments or during meditation, new and hitherto unknown energies started appearing to me. They introduced themselves as guides from various stars and constellations that had come to accompany humans in the great energy transition which has been unfolding for a few years now.

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