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Sébastien Rutz


Life is a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves. (Bill Hicks)


 I was born in Geneva in 1983, lived there for thirty years, and now I’ve been in Valais canton for ten years. I used to do delivery work and nowadays I work in the field of water. I started doing photography fifteen years ago. At first I was attracted by nighttime photography and long exposures, and later by everything down here (macro photography) and everything up there (astrophotography). I enjoy taking pictures of everything the great architect has created that is esthetic and follows the divine ratio.

Photography shows us alternative realities and makes the invisible visible; in astrophotography, for example, we cans see all the stars and the nebulae ten times better than with the naked eye. They’re present but we can’t see them. The same phenomenon is found in macro photography.

Being fascinated with crystals of all kinds, I’ve gone hunting for them many times in the mountains around where I live. I get an indescribable feeling when I see quartz tips millions of years old emerge from the bowels of the rock / furnace (crystallised quartz cavity).

Artistic approach

I know the rules of photography, but don’t always pay attention to them when I take pictures. My photographs are beautiful with their imperfections. My aim is to take pictures of the wonders of nature in an artistic, playful, and contemplative way, while endeavoring to fill myself and others with awe.


Re-Visionary symbol: I leave my work free of copyright so that it can be shared among people who wish to reproduce it in the spirit of the Collective, as long as they indicate me as author.

Copyright symbol: I am the copyright holder of my own works: my work cannot be reproduced, except by the Re-Visionary Art Collective, under the conditions as indicated above in point 1. Unless I give my written consent.


Sébastien Rutz


076 386 59 80


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