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Stéphane Desplands


Over ten years of professional training, research and development; nature as my inspiration; capturing movement.

As a mechanic by trade, I have always had a passion for materials. Mastering the main parameters of chemistry and physics, while leaving some room for chance, enables me to create original and unique pieces. Introducing energy tools, such as singing bowls, in association with natural materials, gives a new dimension to my creations.

Glass is a revelation. Transforming it by playing with temperature, colours, or the adjunction of certain metals, allows for experimentation and limitless creation of artistic objects!

The moment when I open the oven and discover what I’ve created is always a very magic one!

Vibratory Glass testifies to a fascinating journey from the movement of water molecules to the stillness of the glass bearing the mark of that action.

Artistic approach


  • Capture the moment, experience movements, and understand resonances, waves, frequencies, and interactions.

  • From restlessness to calm, movement to stillness, aligning myself in order to feel the environment, and infusing energy into matter …such has been my experience. My path is not to demonstrate, just to share.

  • The instant as guide to the Soul? Angel.

  • The diffusion of waves, vibrations, and resonances are printed and expressed in matter in subtle yet incredibly poetic ways.

  • My sources of inspiration: alchemy, nature, geometry, water, entropy… the fragile balance of the transformation of our resources…

I see our Mother Earth as a single living being with her system or systems and her interactions with the universe.

Transformation of matter is at the heart of my work as I polish, cut, mold, merge, fashion, burn, purify…

Meditating on the role and impact we have on our world leads me to a gigantic, rather obsessional quest for understanding as to the functioning of our brains, our beliefs, our emotions, our perceptions, and our education.

Wisdom? Science acquires knowledge faster than society acquires wisdom.

Creativity leads us to love.


Re-Visionary symbol: I leave my work free of copyright so that it can be shared among people who wish to reproduce it in the spirit of the Collective, as long as they indicate me as author.

Copyright symbol: I am the copyright holder of my own works: my work cannot be reproduced, except by the Re-Visionary Art Collective, under the conditions as indicated above in point 1. Unless I give my written consent.


Stéphane Desplands

Rte de Trélex 13 
1276 Gingins 
079/922 39 04 

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